Product Engagement Suite

INDG’s Product Engagement Suite offers a range of 3D product experiences that allow brands to engage consumers with their products. INDG is working for the following product brands and retailers. For examples of our work, please refer to our cases overview.

Product Experience

Shoppers need to build confidence to purchase high quality products online. By delivering a rich 3D product experiences, brands can build this confidence and drive purchase intent. The challenge is to find a flexible way to deliver consistent product experiences across all channels and touch points. INDG’s Product Experience enables brands to drive consumer confidence and online sales.It enables brands to deliver a rich product experience across all online touch points in a consistent and flexible way.

Augmented Reality

Physical retailers offer the best way for consumers to experience a product. As floor space is limited, not all products and (colour / material) variations are at hand. In these cases retailers either need to point shoppers to another store or hand them a brochure. This easily results in unnecessary loss of sales.

Using our Augmented Reality product, brands and retailers can offer a mobile apps that lets consumers experience any product variation and play with it as if the product is in front of them. This substantially drives the buyer’s confidence and increases sales.

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case montis


Montis, a leading high-end design furniture maker has always embraced inevitable changes in the market place. Perhaps a key reason for its continued innovative edge since nearly 40 years. The changes in…

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case case_thumb


Forbo, a global producer of floor coverings, is continuously looking for fresh and innovative retail experiences that convince consumers to buy their products. When looking for a new floor, consumers typically visit…

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case case_quickstepfloordavisor


After delivering the online version of Quick-Step’s floor advisor (for more background on the whole project, refer here), it turned out that the average site visit duration increased 6-fold. Also the…

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case case_tvbgmobile(ar)


After the successful launch of Philips’ TV Buying Guide (for more background, refer here), it turned out that there was a significant increase of the buying intention of online visitors….

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Interior Inspirer

Today’s over-informed shoppers use the store as a showroom rather than a one-stop-shop from inspiration to purchase. In stead of focusing on competition between the digital and physical channels, retailers need to build strategies that encompass both channels. By offering extremely compelling and adjustable inspiration rooms,

retailers allow shoppers to select and buy products in a highly personal context. By combining the best of the store with the best of the web, retailers increases sales by keeping the shopper connected across channels.

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Room Builder

Shoppers expect stores to offer the richest way to experience products. As a result, home retailers need ways to complement the shopping journey with digital tools that inspire and advice shoppers and let them design their ideal home.

INDG’s Room Designer is a touch-based application, used on in-store touch screens or mobile tablets. With it, shoppers can easily design their own home and mix and match the retailer’s products. Linking to a basket, shoppers can purchase all products in-store or online.

Room BuilderRoom Builder